Monday, October 20, 2014

2006 30 Even Scarier Movie Moments

Two years after Bravo's 100 Scariest Movie Moments, another special entitled 30 Even Scarier Movie Moments premiered on October 2006, mostly consisting of movies that just barely missed the first list, and included new horror films that had been recently released at that time. View a list of all 30 films at

30 Even Scarier Movie Moments Part I (30-16) from Myspace.

30 Even Scarier Movie Moments Part II (15-1).avi from Myspace:

Friday, October 17, 2014

1988 Hack-O-Lantern

A kindly old grandfather initiates his innocent grandson into a devil-worshiping cult at a tender age, culminating in his induction as a full-fledged member in young adulthood on Halloween. Also called Halloween Night on

A part slasher, part satanic horror film that takes place on Halloween with a music video by real life '80s heavy metal band called DC Lacroix, an odd standup comedy routine in the middle of a Halloween party and a twist ending. I liked it. Hard to find on VHS, never received an official DVD release but you can find bootleg DVDs of the film online or you can watch on YouTube below:

Thursday, October 16, 2014

1967 Accidental Family - Halloween's on Us

To become a member of the Junior Gargoyles, young Sandy must throw the best Halloween party ever. His Dad Jerry, a comedian, along with impressionist Dewey try to make the party a big hit, but they only succeed in showing just how out of touch they are with Sandy's generation.

16 episodes of Accidental Family were produced from 1967-1968. The 6th episode originally aired October 27 1967 and contains lots of great vintage Halloween costumes and decorations from way back then.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

1995 Tiny Toon Adventures: Toons from the Crypt

This is for all you Tales from the Crypt fans out there. Not really a Halloween special but I guess it's Halloween related. In the early 90's, the folks at Tiny Toons decided to do a little homage to the classic HBO horror series. When they presented it to the Fox censors, they rejected it saying it was too gruesome for network television and was never shown on Fox Kids. However, some time later Nickelodeon got a hold of it and aired it on their cable channel in reruns and syndication in Fall 1995 up until 2000. Buster Bunny portrays the Cryptkeeper. Coincidentally, John Kassir, the voice of the Cryptkeeper, would later become Buster's second voice actor after Charlie Adler quit after being denied a part on Animaniacs.

Tiny Toon Adventures - Toons from the Crypt

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

1958 Tales of Frankenstein - Dr. Gangrene Presents:

Dr. Gangrene is an award winning Nashville based tv horror host portrayed by writer/artist Larry Underwood. In this special Halloween episode of Dr. Gangrene Presents the Dr. hosts the 1958 failed pilot TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN from the Ghouls at Grassmere event at the Nashville zoo. You can view more episodes of Dr. Gangrene Presents plus other videos at his Youtube page by clicking here.

TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN SYNOPSIS: Dr. Frankenstein has recreated his creature, but wishes to correct his previous mistake. He wishes to prevent his creation from any further murderous rampages by placing the brain of a good man inside the skull of the monster. The arrival of a woman and her terminally ill husband offer the doctor an opportunity to try his new theory.


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