Thursday, October 19, 2017

1989 Screen Scaries

Screen Scaries is a 1989 horror documentary produced by John Russo that features trailers and tons of awesome footage from classic horror and sci-fi films from the 70s and 80s. Including coming attraction previews of Deadtime Stories, Bloodeaters, Don't Open the Window, Suspiria, Midnight, Vampyres, The Majorettes, Night of the Living Dead, and others. Also contains interviews with horror greats Linnea Quigley, Bobbi Bresee, Tom Savini, George Romero, and Russell Streiner. Narrated by James Karen. It's pretty cheesy, but a great reminder of an era of horror that has come and gone. A great classic compilation for your Halloween party!

YouTube playlist containing 7 videos:

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

1993 Elvira's Halloween Movie Schlock-A-Thon on TBS

TBS Halloween Movie Schlock-A-Thon featured Elvira Mistress of the Dark (Cassandra Peterson) hosting a 12 hour horror movie marathon on TBS station in 1993. The films shown were six Made for TV horror movies from the 1970's and one from the 1980's with 3 movies airing on October 30th and the remaining 4 airing on Halloween the 31st.

Here are just the Elvira clips that were shown before, during and after the movies which were edited out. Click the titles of the movies below to watch the full films on YouTube. I could not find Elvira's hosting segments for three of the seven films broadcast. The first video is a commercial/promo for the event.

Elvira Schlock O Thon - Promo:

Elvira Schlock O Thon - The Spell (1977):

Crowhaven Farm (1970) Elvira hosting segments missing.

Elvira Schlock O Thon - Gargoyles (1972):

Elvira Schlock O Thon - Halloween with the New Addams Family (1977):

This House Possessed (1981) and Moon of the Wolf (1972) Elvira hosting segments missing.

Elvira Schlock O Thon - The House That Would Not Die (1970):

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

1971-1977 The Electric Company: Classic Monsters

The Electric Company is an American educational children's tv series which employed sketch comedy and various other devices to provide an entertaining program to help elementary school children develop their grammar and reading skills. Since it was intended for children who had graduated from CTW's flagship program, Sesame Street, the humor was more mature than what was seen there. 780 episodes were produced by the Children's Television Workshop (now called Sesame Workshop) for PBS and broadcast over the course of six seasons from October 25, 1971, to April 15, 1977.

After it ceased production in 1977, the program continued in reruns until October 4, 1985, as the result of a decision made in 1975 to produce two final seasons for perpetual use. The cast over the six seasons included Morgan Freeman, Rita Moreno, Judy Graubart, Lee Chamberlin, Skip Hinnant, Jim Boyd, Luis √Āvalos, Hattie Winston and Danny Seagren appeared in the role of Spider-Man. Bill Cosby was a regular in season one, and occasionally appeared in new segments during season two, but left afterward. Segments that Cosby had taped during seasons one and two were repeatedly used for the rest of the run.

Below are spooky skits that feature classic monsters including Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, a werewolf, a mad scientist and Igor, a witch and a haunted house skit:

Dracula (Morgan Freeman), Werewolf (Jim Boyd) and Frankenstein (Skip Hinnant) sing:

Dracula and the Werewolf in a diner, shoe store and playing cards:

Werewolf in Night Fright:

Dracula's drink:

Just whistle for Dracula and run:

Spiderman Vs. Dracula:

Before Bunnicula, there was Vincent the Vegetable Vampire:

Vincent loves taking a bath in his casket:

The Vampire song:

Morgan Freeman as the Mad Scientist, Luis Avalos as Igor and the Blob:

More with the Mad Scientist and Igor:

Judy Graubart as the witch in the kitchen:

Quick gag skit, witch sandwich:

Haunted house skit:

Monday, October 16, 2017

1991 Ghostly Thrillers

Ghostly Thrillers features two Halloween related tales of things that go bump in the night. In "Ghost In The Shed," a peddler is murdered and buried beneath a shed. After his murderers move away, the peddler's ghost tried to communicate to the shed's new owners. In "The Youth Who Wanted To Shiver," a young boy named Jack fears nothing. So, he sets out to learn how to shiver.

Both shorts are based on stories from books. Perfect for use in classrooms of children during the Halloween season or might hold nostalgia for some who watched in their youth. Released to VHS in 1991, to my knowledge has not been put on DVD.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Commander USA Groovie Movies - Trick Or Treats 1982

Commander USA's Groovie Movies is an American movie showcase series that ran weekend afternoons on the USA Network. The show premiered January 5, 1985, and ran through 1989. It was hosted by Jim Hendricks as "Commander USA", a wacky but slightly seedy blue-collar comic book superhero with many catchphrases like "Soaring super hero! Legion of Decency - Retired", "Holy cats!", "Keep your nose in the wind... and your tail to yourself...", "Always a Brideshead, never revisited", "Suffering catfish!" and "Sure!". The show originally ran double features of horror and science fiction movies on Saturday afternoons, then later a single feature on Sunday afternoons. Later movies on the show tended to be Mexican wrestling films or heavily edited violent films from Japan.

Commander USA's show originated from a secret headquarters located under a New Jersey shopping mall. He was almost always enthusiastic about the films he showed, whether it was a "gem" like Inframan, Blood Beast Horror, or any other number of Grade-Z celluloid oddities. He was often joined on the program by either his agent (Barry Kluger) or "Lefty", a hand puppet created by drawing a face on his right hand with cigar ash. Over the course of a show, Lefty's face would inevitably get smeared or washed off, but the Commander would always redraw it with his unlit cigar. In all, more than 200 episodes were produced.

I loved watching the Commander over the weekends, one of my favorite horror hosts. I actually saw the first 3 "Friday the 13th" movies (which scared the crap out of me) for the first time on his show. In this video he hosts the 1982 film Trick or Treats, which I wrote about here during 2012's Halloween countdown. Since that post the film has been released to DVD (which I have) and Blu-ray by Code Red which are both oop and can be pricy if you can find a copy, they sell for $50 to $60 on ebay. Many websites label it as a horror film but according to the commentary on the DVD it was actually supposed to be a comedy. You can read more about the film at the link I posted above.


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