Wednesday, October 7, 2020

2004 Season of Screams - Knott's Scary Farm's Halloween Haunt

Season of Screams is a documentary that traces the story behind Knott's Scary Farm's Halloween Haunt, a seasonal Halloween event held at Knott's Berry Farm in which the Buena Park, California theme park is transformed into "160 acres of horror", via a series of roaming monsters, terrifying mazes and scare zones. As of 2010, it was said to be the first, largest and longest-running Halloween event to be held at a theme park.

Originally released on DVD in 2004 and sold at Knott’s Berry Farm during the 32nd annual Knott’s Scary Farm season, Season of Screams reveals how the Halloween Haunt all got started back in 1973 and also highlights the recent 2003-2004 events. The DVD is out of print and used copies now go for upwards of $99 online. Thank’s to the film’s director, David Love, we can now watch the feature-length documentary below or via his YouTube channel.

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