Tuesday, October 1, 2019

1965 Hoppity Hooper - Hallowe'en

Hoppity Hooper is an American animated tv series produced by Jay Ward (creator of The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show), sponsored by General Mills, and originally broadcast first-run by ABC, and NBC on their Saturday Morning schedule beginning in 1965 and ending 1967. The series was later syndicated to local television stations under the title Uncle Waldo's Cartoon Show. The stories revolved around the three main characters, who live in Foggy Bog, Wisconsin, seeking their fortune together through different jobs or schemes, usually ending in misadventure.

Over the course of three seasons, 52 episodes were produced. Episode 4 of Season 2 takes place on Halloween. On Hallowe'en, Hoppity Hooper, a plucky frog (voiced by Chris Allen) and his friends Waldo P. Wigglesworth, a patent medicine-hawking fox (voiced by Hans Conried) and Fillmore, a bear wearing Civil War clothes (voiced by William Scott) stay at a hotel and stumble on an annual convention of ghosts and other spooky characters, who are about to implement an evil plan. Can our heroes save the world?

More info about the VHS and DVD releases below from Wikipedia: Hoppity Hooper was released in three separate volumes on VHS in the early 1990s. Volume One was released on DVD in the 2000s (the copyrights for each of these three releases were in question at the time of their respective releases). In 2008, Mill Creek Entertainment released episodes 1–6 and episodes 8–11 as part of their "Giant 600 Cartoon Collection". They also re-released these episodes as part of the "Super 300 Cartoon Collection" in 2009. Also in 2008, Mill Creek released the first 6 episodes under their 200 Classic Cartoons: Collectors Edition label.

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  1. I had never heard of this show or these characters before. Some of the voices, however, were VERY familiar, the ones we all grew up with. Humor was okay, some cheeseball jokes, but also a fun sense of wit. Cute, thanks for sharing.