Wednesday, October 24, 2018

2011 Halloweenville

Halloweenville is a documentary about the outrageous and unique celebration of Halloween in Lambertville, New Jersey, which is Mardi Gras-like in its scope. Originally released on VHS (limited to just 13 copies with reversible artwork) at 2017's TAPE OR TREAT VHS SWAP in South Philly presented by LUNCHMEAT. The event marked the first time it was available on any home video format.

The doc was written and directed by Paul Kaye and Gary P. Cohen, the latter of which horror fans may know as director of Video Violence, a 1987 American Independent horror film shot with a VHS camera similar to many rental films of the 1980s and early 90s. And thanks to Cohen himself, who uploaded it to his youtube account, you can check out the full doc below:


  1. it has been removed from youtube, did you download it?

  2. Does anyone have a downloadable copy of this?

    Thanks much in advance!