Wednesday, October 16, 2019

1994 Nickelodeon Frightfest

Nickelodeon Frightfest is a compilation of three Halloween themed episodes of Nicktoons that originally aired on "the only network for kids" and then released on this 50 minute VHS on August 23, 1994 by Nick and Sony Wonder. It contains: Rugrats: Candy Bar Creep Show (aired January 5 1992); Doug: Doug's Halloween Adventure (aired October 31 1993); and Ren and Stimpy: Haunted House (aired 21 November 1992); I always thought Ren and Stimpy was and, after watching this, still hilarious but I never got into watching Rugrats or Doug.

Here is the synopsis on the back of the VHS cover: Come on-there's nothing to be afraid of! They're only cartoons. Sure they're a little spooky. Like when Tommy Pickles and his RUGRATS friends set off to investigate mysterious costumed creatures lurking in the yard. Or When DOUG and his friend Skeeter get trapped in an amusement park where not all the monsters are mechanical. And when REN and STIMPY drop in on a haunted mansion-well, you wouldn't let a little chainsaw-wielding ghost worry you, right? Here are your favorite Nicktoons characters in their three most comically creepy episodes ever.

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