Thursday, October 28, 2021

1988-1990 Night Tracks - Halloween Specials

Night Tracks is an American tv series which ran from 1983 to 1992 on Super Station WTBS (later known as TBS Super Station) on late night weekends. TBS has not archived or retained any of the old Night Tracks programming, as a recent inquiry found out they no longer have any Night Tracks product in the company's library.

These videos have been donated to the WTBS Night Tracks Group on Facebook by Andy Jung, or received from other fans, and is the only remaining high quality show material in existence. They were restored from EP mode VHS tape, commercial breaks are included.

Here is a 90 minute segment from SuperStationWTBS Night Tracks from October 22, 1988.

Here is Tape #5 of SuperStationWTBS Night Tracks 6 hour Halloween program from October 29, 1988.

Here is Tape #13 of SuperStationTBS Night Tracks 4 hour portion of the "Halloween Special" program from October 28, 1989. Also included are approximately 2 hours of other, assorted Night Tracks videos for other dates and times.

Here is Tape #19A of SuperStationTBS Night Tracks 3 hour program segment from October 13, 1990.

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