Friday, October 29, 2021

1989 Halloween Party

David Skowronski's HALLOWEEN PARTY is a shot-on-video slasher film made by a bunch of actual teenagers in 1989. It originally aired on public access cable in Connecticut and is about a masked killer stalking teenage girls at a Halloween party. It's a wonderful artifact of the time. A new Halloween staple for me, and a perfect double bill with Chris LaMartina's WNUF Halloween Special.

I loved the opening cemetery scene together with the scary music and the old camcorder VHS font credits. The audio is rough at times, the kill scenes are really so bad they're good, the theme from Halloween is heard throughout the film, and the retro 80's hairstyles & clothes are hilarious. Stick around after the credits for Bloopers and a Monster Mash lip synch performance.

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