Wednesday, October 13, 2021

1995 The State's 43rd Annual Halloween Special

The State is a 1992-95 sketch comedy TV series that combined bizarre characters and scenarios to present sketches that featured a broad range of comedic styles from satire to forays into absurdism that won the favor of its target teenaged audience. The cast consisted of comedy troupe The State, who were 11 twenty-something comedians who created, acted, wrote, directed and edited the show. The group formed in 1988 and its members have continued to work together in various configurations ever since. After years of legal issues related to the soundtrack to many of the episodes, the series was released on DVD on July 14, 2009.

The series was originally broadcast on MTV between December 17, 1993, and July 1, 1995. CBS optioned to buy the show after its second year on MTV in hopes of increasing viewership among younger demographics and potentially providing competition against NBC's Saturday Night Live. CBS intended to test the waters with The State's 43rd Annual All-Star Halloween Special, which aired in prime time in 1995. The special received generally good reviews (including some from critics that gave them harsh ones earlier), but due to little promotion, it received low ratings. The show was not picked up for further broadcasts.

I don't really get this special, besides the title card, there's nothing really Halloween or horror related shown. I guess that's the biggest joke or the most bizarre thing they could come up with, is make a Halloween Special with nothing related to the holiday in it. This video is from a pre-broadcast source and contains the full ending, which got cut off for some reason during orginal 1995 CBS broadcast.

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