Friday, October 2, 2020

1985 Terror on Tape

Terror on Tape is a 1985 compilation of gore/nude scenes from 1960s-1980s horror/exploitation films. The wraparound segments take place on Halloween night where a bookwormish nerd (Mark Fenske), construction worker (Tim Noyes), and female dominatrix (Michelle Bauer) visit an old video store through out the night asking the owner for scary movies to rent. Something to make their skin crawl because they claim they have never been scared before.

The demented video store owner (Cameron Mitchell) obliges and shows them loads of bad gore clips and nude scenes from various horror flicks released by long gone distributor Continental Video, who also put this video together. The reason for this compilation, basically it was Continental's way of plugging their own video line. I liked the cheesy wraparound skits, they are great fun to watch.

Rated MA for Mature Audiences Only, Not for Kids!

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