Thursday, October 10, 2019

2003 WB's Outrageous Halloween Outtakes (incomplete)

WB's Outrageous Halloween Outtakes is a TV special that originally aired on the long gone network The WB on October 24, 2003. The incomplete 28 minute video below was found on a VHS tape and is missing the first 15 minutes of the opening. I hope you enjoy watching, and perhaps the entire special will surface someday.

Comedian Anthony Anderson (who back then was in the WB sitcom All About the Andersons and the horror/comedy Scary Movie 3) hosted the originally one-hour special which consisted of bloopers from more than a dozen horror movies, including classics The Fog, Evil Dead 2, The Howling, The Birds, X-Files tv series, remake of Willard with Crispin Glover, Jaws, Alien, Tremors, Wrong Turn and lesser known horror films like Blood Dolls and Delta Delta Die (The Exorcist & Young Frankenstein outtakes are missing). The special also included hidden camera/practical jokes and Halloween home videos.

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  1. That was fun. Hadn't ever heard of it before, so was a cool watch.