Tuesday, October 22, 2019

1991 Little Dracula - Little D's Halloween

Little Dracula is an animated series that debuted on Fox Kids and revolves around a green-skinned child vampire who aspires to be like his father, Big Dracula, yet also enjoys rock 'n roll and surfing. Little Dracula has a monstrous friend named Werebunny, and his Transylvanian family of strange characters is often threatened by the villainous Garlic Man. Featuring the voices of several veteran comedians and actors including Joe Flaherty as Big Dracula, Jonathan Winters as Igor and Granny, and Fran Ryan as Hannah the Barbarian.

The short-lived cartoon series is based on the British series of children's books of the same name by Martin Waddell & Joseph Wright. Thirteen episodes were produced, but only six were aired; five episodes aired the week of 3 – 6 September, before its timeslot was given to Beetlejuice. Little D's Halloween is the sixth episode that originally aired October 31st, 1991 on Fox Kids. Here is the synopsis: Little Dracula, his family, and his best friend Werebunny, go out for some Halloween fun dressed up as regular people.

In 1999, Fox Family reran the series, including four episodes which had not aired during the original run (another three remained unaired). Some of the books were also republished following this brief revival. A second season (13 more episodes) was co-produced with France and Germany that never aired in the United States. In Europe, Little Dracula (Draculito, mon saigneur) is an animated series in 26 episodes.

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