Monday, October 26, 2020

1984 One Halloween Night

One Halloween Night is a 1984 family friendly Halloween special written, directed and edited by Mark Kalbfeld, who also uploaded this video to his Vimeo account. That's all I can figure out about this special. I tried to write this synopsis below because I couldn't find one online.

It's about Jason and his dog Spunky who witness a spaceship land on earth from a far, two aliens emerge who are out to conquer the planet. The boy and his dog track the aliens to a Halloween party and they must figure out who the intruders are to warn the party goers.

What are the odds of me finding two Halloween specials in the same year both starring puppets that I could not find any other info about either online? The first one I posted was 1990's It's Halloween, which is the better one of the two IMO. But this one is also very well made and just as fun to watch.

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  1. Cute enough for kids, but sometimes the music playing was driving me nuts! LOL