Thursday, October 7, 2021

1995 MTV Scariest Video Countdown hosted by The Cryptkeeper

In MTV Scariest Video Countdown, The Cryptkeeper presents the truly scariest (aka really terrible) songs/music videos from the 1980s up to the early 1990s. Originally aired on MTV in 1995, month unknown. Number 2 video had to be edited out due to copyright claim.

Watch the full music videos in the YouTube playlist below:


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah I love watching the cryptkeeper in anything. :)

  2. Oh Rare Halloween Videos…please come back!

    1. Sorry I didn't have time to post videos here this year, maybe next year I'll be back. Have you checked out this blog:, they post a lot of great Halloween videos during October also, similar to the ones here.

    2. Hello Jack O. Thank you for your shout out to Me and You and a Blog Named Boo. I'm the author of the blog. It's great to hear someone enjoys it so much. Happy Halloween!


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