Sunday, October 31, 2021

2021 Forever BOO!GUS Halloween Special!

Forever BOO!GUS 2021 Halloween Special! is once again opening their vault of spooky Halloween nostalgia. Enjoy an hour of chilling lost media, eerie forgotten commercials, odd public access specials, and a trip down scary lane. Lock your doors and turn off your lights. It's time to get BOO!GUS!!

Forever Bogus are proud archaeologists of forgotten media and pop culture from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. They are on a mission to help people remember the good parts of their childhood and embody those feelings through the power of nostalgia. Online at

Saturday, October 30, 2021

1980s-1990s Nostalgic Channel Surfing on Halloween

VHS recording of nostalgic channel surfing highlighting Halloween and horror related cartoons, shows, specials, movies, news segments, commercials and promos from the 1980s and 1990s.

Friday, October 29, 2021

1989 Halloween Party

David Skowronski's HALLOWEEN PARTY is a shot-on-video slasher film made by a bunch of actual teenagers in 1989. It originally aired on public access cable in Connecticut and is about a masked killer stalking teenage girls at a Halloween party. It's a wonderful artifact of the time. A new Halloween staple for me, and a perfect double bill with Chris LaMartina's WNUF Halloween Special.

I loved the opening cemetery scene together with the scary music and the old camcorder VHS font credits. The audio is rough at times, the kill scenes are really so bad they're good, the theme from Halloween is heard throughout the film, and the retro 80's hairstyles & clothes are hilarious. Stick around after the credits for Bloopers and a Monster Mash lip synch performance.

Thursday, October 28, 2021

1988-1990 Night Tracks - Halloween Specials

Night Tracks is an American tv series which ran from 1983 to 1992 on Super Station WTBS (later known as TBS Super Station) on late night weekends. TBS has not archived or retained any of the old Night Tracks programming, as a recent inquiry found out they no longer have any Night Tracks product in the company's library.

These videos have been donated to the WTBS Night Tracks Group on Facebook by Andy Jung, or received from other fans, and is the only remaining high quality show material in existence. They were restored from EP mode VHS tape, commercial breaks are included.

Here is a 90 minute segment from SuperStationWTBS Night Tracks from October 22, 1988.

Here is Tape #5 of SuperStationWTBS Night Tracks 6 hour Halloween program from October 29, 1988.

Here is Tape #13 of SuperStationTBS Night Tracks 4 hour portion of the "Halloween Special" program from October 28, 1989. Also included are approximately 2 hours of other, assorted Night Tracks videos for other dates and times.

Here is Tape #19A of SuperStationTBS Night Tracks 3 hour program segment from October 13, 1990.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

1993 TGIF Halloween Monster Bash Weekend

TGIF is the name of an American prime time television programming block that has aired on ABC at various points since the late 1980s. The name comes from the initials of the popular phrase "Thank God It's Friday"; however, the stars of the lineup touted the initialism meaning "Thank Goodness It's Funny." In its various incarnations, the block mainly featured situation comedies aimed at a family audience, and served as a lead-in to the long-running newsmagazine 20/20.

The block initially premiered on September 22, 1989, marking one of the first attempts by a major network to brand a programming block (a concept that was concurrently becoming popular among cable networks at the time of its inception), with the goal of encouraging young viewers to watch the entire lineup, instead of just a particular show. The "TGIF" block dominated the ratings in the 18–49 demographic for most of the 1990s. However, ratings began declining during the latter half of the decade due partly to Fridays becoming more common for social outings among segments of the block's key demographic as well as the loss and aging quality of many of the lineup's signature shows, culminating in the original incarnation ending after eleven years on September 8, 2000.

ABC revived the "TGIF" brand on September 26, 2003, with its second run lasting only two seasons, ending on September 15, 2005. On May 15, 2018, the network announced that it would revive the block, with the third incarnation, which has launched on October 5, 2018. This newest incarnation of TGIF consisted of a mix of sitcoms and game shows. The incarnation was short-lived, with the block ending for the third time on September 27, 2019.

TGIF Halloween Monster Bash Weekend was hosted by Olsen twins who presented a Halloween-themed night of episodes of Family Matters, Boy Meets World, Step By Step and Hanging with Mr. Cooper. The video below was recorded on 10-29-93 (the same date it premiered on ABC) with original commercials.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

1990s Nick at Nite Halloween Broadcast Reimagined

Nick at Nite (stylized as nick@nite) is an American adult-oriented nighttime programming block that broadcasts over the channel space of the first cable channel for children, Nickelodeon. It typically broadcasts from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. (Mondays–Fridays, Sundays), 9:30 p.m. to 6 a.m. (Saturdays) ET/PT. The block is marketed as a separate network from Nickelodeon for ratings purposes, similar to Adult Swim, the nighttime branding of Cartoon Network.

Youtuber Zachary Jackson reimagined a Nick at Nite 1990's airing of Halloween Shows and added in Nick at Nite promos, bumpers & commercial breaks to make it look like a real broadcast. The list of shows and episode titles is below:

The Lucy Show "Lucy & The Monsters” (1965) Season 3 Episode 18.
Taxi "The Costume Party” (1981) Season 3 Episode 10. *Copyright Removal 7/25/2023*
The Beverly Hillbillies “Trick or Treat” (1962) Season 1 Episode 6.
Laverne & Shirley “Haunted House” (1977) Season 2 Episode 21.
Rhoda “Ida Works Out” (1977) Season 4 Episode 5.
The Patty Duke Show "Patty the Psychic" Season 3 Episode 27.
Man in a Suitcase "Dead Mans Shoes" Season 1 Episode 11.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents "A Secret Life" Season 6 Episode 33. Alfred Hitchcock Hour "Night Caller" Season 2 Episode 15.

Monday, October 25, 2021

1980s-1990s Halloween Cartoon Armageddon

Halloween Cartoon Armageddon is a 4 hour mix of classic Halloween and horror related cartoons, commercials and music videos from the 1980s and 1990s. Created by Mark Willey at

Halloween Cartoon Armageddon THE FINAL CUT from Mark Willey on Vimeo.

Friday, October 22, 2021

2000 Sleepy Hollow High

Sleepy Hollow High is a 2000 independent horror film from the directing team of Chris Arth and Kevin Summerfield. A reviewer from had this to say: Most people would look at this movie and say "Bad Movie, Bad Acting, Bad all around." Take into consideration that this movie was made with a limited budget, small time actors, first time writers/directors, and may have served as a great learning tool. This movie was not meant to be a perfect movie, was not meant to be one of the top 10 movies ever made. It's just meant to provide entertainment.

Here is the synopsis of the film: Terror graduates when five delinquent classmates must perform community service at Sleepy Hollow Park Grounds, a place notorious for vandalism... and many unsolved disappearances. As the afternoon unfolds, the students begin to realize that someone is taking the Legend of Sleepy Hollow too far, and that everyone is a suspect – from the teachers and counselors of Sleepy Hollow High, to their fellow classmates and each other... even the possibility of the legendary headless horseman himself!

Thursday, October 21, 2021

1984 Vincent Price' s Halloween Thriller

Vincent Price's Halloween Thriller is a 1984 syndicated Halloween special that features the beloved horror actor playing host to a mix of Halloween music videos, including Halloween playlist staples like "Time Warp" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Rockwell's "Somebody's Watching Me," Ray Parker Jr.'s "Ghostbusters," and Ozzy Osbourne's "Bark at the Moon." The special also features two performances from illusionist Abb Dixon, who performs a "cremation" and "the table of death."

Watch a VHS recording of the special as it originally aired on October 27, 1984 WOC with original commercials below. Mary McNamara's comment on the video at describes it as: A time capsule perfect for annual viewing, the fuzzy stolen from television copy only enhances the experience. Family Friendly loop for greeting Trick or Treaters. Oddly enough they couldn't get the rights to show Michael Jackson's "Thriller" music video but they showed Jackson's "Billie Jean" video instead.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

1986 Webster - Witchbusters

Webster is an American sitcom tv series that aired on ABC from September 16, 1983 to May 8, 1987, and in first-run syndication from September 21, 1987 to March 10, 1989. The series was created by Stu Silver. The show stars Emmanuel Lewis in the title role as a young boy who, after losing his parents, is adopted by his NFL-pro godfather, portrayed by Alex Karras, and his new socialite wife, played by Susan Clark.

Like NBC's earlier series Diff'rent Strokes, Webster featured a young African-American boy adopted by a wealthy white family. The focus was largely on how this impulsively married couple had to adjust to their new lives and sudden parenthood, but it was the congenial Webster himself who drove much of the plot.

Witchbusters is the Halloween episode from the 4th season of the series that originally aired on Oct 31, 1986. Here is the synopsis: Webster meets a lonely woman on a dare from his friends and finds out that she is not the witch they said she was. Halloween, Webster, and Diff'rent Strokes were a few of my favorite things when I was a kid in the '80s.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

1986 Kidstime with T.X. Critter

Kidstime was a local children's tv show broadcast by WTXX Channel 20 (now WCCT-TV) in Waterbury, Connecticut in the 1980s and early 1990s. It was originally hosted by Mike Imfeld and his puppet companions with his cohost being T.X. Critter, a yellow precursor to ALF as he was created and performed by the same puppeteer, Paul Fusco, a few years before the hit NBC TV show of the same name. Kidstime was a Sunday morning 30 min TV show, thirty-second spots called Kidstime Express aired between commercials during weekday afternoon cartoons. At some point, Imfeld was replaced by Lauren DeLisa, who remained the host until the show was canceled in 1993.

The Kidstime Zone is the title of the 1986 Halloween episode and is hosted by Mike Imfeld dressed as Count Dracula. Ignatius Grippa's comment on YouTube best describes the first half: This video is so bizarre starting with the use of Alfred Hitchcock (and not Rod Serling) for a Twilight Zone bit? The goofy kids with their generic costume ideas and identical vocal inflections. The safety tips bit is like a hostage video. One kid winks when he says only go to houses that have lights on outside.

The rest of the video contains segments with Donald Dipman reporting from Halloween parties being held at various schools, The Bride of Frankenstein helps Mike make pumpkin cookies, T.X. reads one of his Terror Tales, Frankenstein's monster shows Mike and T.X. a boa constrictor, a tarantula, and a great horned owl. Mike asks Dracula (Bela Lugosi), Frankenstein's monster (Boris Karloff) and the Wolfman (Lon Chaney Jr.) various questions followed by the Monster Mash closing out the show. Priceless!

Monday, October 18, 2021

1994 Fox Halloween Bash with commercials

VHS Recording of Fox Halloween Bash from 1994. Almost 2 hours of Simpsons Halloween Specials from Fox 13, out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Video uploaded to by @nostalgia1990s2. Includes the following episodes WOC with original commercials:

Treehouse of Horror II (cuts in during the second segment)
Treehouse of Horror III
Treehouse of Horror V
Treehouse of Horror IV

Friday, October 15, 2021

2001 Exposure: Deadtime Stories

Exposure is a short-film oriented science-fiction anthology series that aired on the Sci-Fi Channel between the years of 2000 and 2002. The series showcased the short sci-fi films of both unknown and known (Tim Burton, George Lucas and Kevin Smith) filmmakers, giving rise to the channel's own Exposure Studios. Hosted by actress Lisa Marie, the films presented a wide range of science fiction subject matter.

The series received poor ratings and was canceled in the fall of 2002. The series was originally shown on Sundays at 10:00pm EST and was repeated the following Saturday at 2:00am EST, later on the time was changed to 11:00pm EST and still repeated the following Saturday well after Midnight, which probably is a major reason for the poor ratings this show received.

Deadtime Stories is the 2001 Halloween episode of the series and features the following short films:

"Freak Show" Director: Marcus Wagner
"The Lonely Widow" Director: John Gorman
"Fulfilled: A Halloween Story" Director: Stacy Arnold
"Bowlin' Fer Souls" Director: Oliver Wolfson
"Vincent" Director: Tim Burton

Thursday, October 14, 2021

1998 Nosferatu: The First Vampire

Nosferatu: The First Vampire is the classic 1922 silent horror film Nosferatu, presented with a soundtrack by gothic metal band Type O Negative with an introduction by David Carradine. The video below was was restored by Geno Cuddy and uploaded to the film's producer, Wayne J. Keeley's YouTube account. Here is the video's description on YouTube:

RESTORED FULL MOVIE - TYPE O NEGATIVE VERSION. This is a cleaned up version of my original 1998 version of "Nosferatu", with music by Type O Negative and an intro by David Carradine. I produced the original for Arrow Video back in 1998. This restoration, was lovingly carried out by my dear friend and business partner Geno Cuddy. There is more text about the restoration in the opening of the video.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

1995 The State's 43rd Annual Halloween Special

The State is a 1992-95 sketch comedy TV series that combined bizarre characters and scenarios to present sketches that featured a broad range of comedic styles from satire to forays into absurdism that won the favor of its target teenaged audience. The cast consisted of comedy troupe The State, who were 11 twenty-something comedians who created, acted, wrote, directed and edited the show. The group formed in 1988 and its members have continued to work together in various configurations ever since. After years of legal issues related to the soundtrack to many of the episodes, the series was released on DVD on July 14, 2009.

The series was originally broadcast on MTV between December 17, 1993, and July 1, 1995. CBS optioned to buy the show after its second year on MTV in hopes of increasing viewership among younger demographics and potentially providing competition against NBC's Saturday Night Live. CBS intended to test the waters with The State's 43rd Annual All-Star Halloween Special, which aired in prime time in 1995. The special received generally good reviews (including some from critics that gave them harsh ones earlier), but due to little promotion, it received low ratings. The show was not picked up for further broadcasts.

I don't really get this special, besides the title card, there's nothing really Halloween or horror related shown. I guess that's the biggest joke or the most bizarre thing they could come up with, is make a Halloween Special with nothing related to the holiday in it. This video is from a pre-broadcast source and contains the full ending, which got cut off for some reason during orginal 1995 CBS broadcast.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

1979 Struck By Lightning

Struck by Lightning is an American TV sitcom about Frankenstein's monster, which aired on CBS from September 19 until October 3, 1979. The show was cancelled after three out of 11 episodes were aired in the United States, although all 11 completed episodes did end up being shown in the United Kingdom on ITV in 1980 and six out of the 11 episodes were screened on ATN-7 Sydney in Australia from December 26, 1980 to March 1, 1981. As of this writing, Struck by Lightning has not been released on home video. The video below is the pilot episode WOC (With Original Commercials) that aired on Sept. 19th, 1979. It was uploaded by the YouTube channel The W/O/C Archive. The premise of the show is explained below.

Ted Stein (Jeffrey Kramer) is a science teacher who inherits a spooky old New England inn inhabited by its hulking, good-naturedly homicidal caretaker Frank (Jack Elam). It turns out that Ted is the descendant of the original Dr. Frankenstein and Frank is the Monster who needs a special serum every 50 years to stay alive, and he wants Ted to recreate it for him ("If you don't, I'll die," he explains, "Let me put it another way, if you don't, you'll die"). Ted agrees to stay and continue his ancestor's experiments while keeping Frank's identity a secret. Elam claimed in an interview in Variety that he accepted the role of Frank after being told by the producers that he would not have to wear monster make-up because his naturally gnarled and bulgy-eyed appearance was already perfect for the part.

Monday, October 11, 2021

1998 A Mother's Courage (Lost South Park Halloween Short)

A Mother's Courage is an online short released on the Comedy Central website in 1998 to coincide with South Park's Season Two Halloween episode titled Spookyfish. The short is about Stan, Kyle, and Kenny demonstrating how to make a Jack-o-lantern that looks like Lou Diamond Phillips. They are also arguing with Cartman, who is in the background eating a whole bag of candy corn. While Cartman throws up after eating too much candy corn, Kenny accidentally impales himself with a knife he was using to carve a Jack-o-lantern, though the trademark phrases from Stan and Kyle did not follow suit.

The short was lost from the internet until 2015. Various South Park fan forums across the web found out about the short and proceeded to look for it. In October 2015, a YouTube channel going by the name of Mannis found the short, and uploaded to his channel. Mannis also created a second video explaining how it was lost and how he found it. Both videos are embedded below. The technical details on how it was lost is explained in the next paragraph.

Originally, it was available to download through a small 50 KB file called "SouthPark.mcs", and was made with an obscure tool called Media Conveyor, which, at the time was a rival to the form of Macromedia Flash. It was chosen because it was able to recreate the South Park art style with small downloads, which was important at the time because back then, the average consumer had low bandwidth. Plus, it worked with a cache system. This means that you could make a model once and save it to use for later. Macromedia Flash became the mainstay animation software, leading Comedy Central to pull the short and replace it with a comic following the exact same story, and the short was presumed to be lost forever.

1998 A Mother's Courage (Lost South Park Halloween Short):

South Park Halloween Video Lost Media From 1998 Explained by Mannis:

Friday, October 8, 2021

1999 Curse Of The Blair Witch

Curse of the Blair Witch is a mockumentary about the Blair Witch legend and the three filmmakers who disappeared in October of 1994. It first aired on the Sci-Fi Channel on July 11, 1999 as a promotional prelude to the July 30, 1999 release of The Blair Witch Project, a found footage supernatural psychological horror film written, directed, and edited by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez. The film was a commercial success, grossing more than $248.6 million on a small budget of $60,000.

I remember this scaring me even more than the movie did when I watched on Sci-Fi in 1999. Maybe because it told the backstory of the Blair Witch plus included other creepy footage like a Rustin Parr short documentery and interview in prison, the serial killer whose house appears at the end of the film. You can watch a vhs recording of Curse Of The Blair Witch as it originally aired on Sci Fi Channel on 10/30/1999 WOC (With Original Commercials) below, or you can watch a high quality version at

Thursday, October 7, 2021

1995 MTV Scariest Video Countdown hosted by The Cryptkeeper

In MTV Scariest Video Countdown, The Cryptkeeper presents the truly scariest (aka really terrible) songs/music videos from the 1980s up to the early 1990s. Originally aired on MTV in 1995, month unknown. Number 2 video had to be edited out due to copyright claim.

Watch the full music videos in the YouTube playlist below:

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

1977 Halloween with the New Addams Family (Fan-Edit)

Let's follow up yesterday's Munsters post with an Addams Family post today. This is an amazing black and white fan-edit by YouTuber John Sigler of the 1977 NBC shot in color TV-movie Halloween with the New Addams Family. A fan edit is a version of a film modified by a viewer, that removes, reorders, or adds material in order to create a new interpretation of the source material. This includes the removal of scenes or dialogue, replacement of audio and/or visual elements, and adding material from sources such as deleted scenes or even other films. Here's John's description from YouTube:

Hello Everyone! I'm a huge fan of the 60's (Addams Family) Television series, and have been working on a fan edit of the 1977 TV movie, Halloween with the new Addams family. The intent of my edit is to create something that feels more in line with an episode of the original series. I have removed around 17 minutes worth of footage, and added in the classic intro, as well as character theme music, and sound effects (also changed color video to black & white). I have just finished my first draft and I need some honest opinions from real fans! Any input or suggestions will greatly appreciated! - John Sigler

1977 Halloween with the New Addams Family (Fan-Edit):

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

1964 The Munsters and 1988 The Munsters Today Unaired Pilots

The Munsters is an American sitcom that originally aired on CBS from September 24, 1964, to May 12, 1966, and ran for 70 episodes. Produced by the creators of Leave It to Beaver, the series was a satire of both traditional monster movies and the wholesome family fare of the era. It depicts the American suburban life of benign monsters starring Fred Gwynne as Frankenstein's monster and head-of-the-household Herman Munster; Yvonne De Carlo as his wife Lily; Al Lewis as Lily's father, Grandpa, the somewhat over-the-hill vampire Count Dracula who longs for the "good old days" in Transylvania; Beverley Owen (later replaced by Pat Priest) as their teenage niece Marilyn, who was attractive by conventional standards but the "ugly duckling" of the family; and Butch Patrick as their werewolfish son Eddie, who was always respectful to his parents. After cancellation the series found a large audience in syndication. This popularity warranted a spin-off series, as well as several tv films, including one with a theatrical release, and an upcoming movie reboot by Rob Zombie.

The unaired pilot below was used to pitch the series to CBS and its affiliates and was shot in color. Except for Marilyn, the family had a blue-green tint to their skin. The cast included Joan Marshall as Phoebe (instead of Lily), Beverley Owen as Marilyn, Al Lewis as Grandpa, Fred Gwynne as Herman and Eddie was portrayed by Nate "Happy" Derman as a brat. It was later decided that Joan Marshall looked too much like Morticia Addams and that Happy Derman was too nasty as Eddie, so both were replaced. Other differences is the pilot title sequence had light, happy music borrowed from the Doris Day movie The Thrill of It All instead of the instrumental rock "The Munsters' Theme" by composer/arranger Jack Marshall. Also the same house exterior was used, but it was later changed to appear more gothic and "spooky" in the series. This included adding the tower deck and Marilyn's deck; a new coat of paint; and enlarging the living room. Although Grandpa had the same dungeon, Gwynne did not wear padding in the pitch episode, had a more protruding forehead, and was broad but thin. The pilot was reused as the basis for episode 2, "My Fair Munster," and is available on the complete first season of The Munsters DVDs.

The Munsters Unaired Pilot:

The Munsters Today is an American sitcom and a revival of the original 1964-66 sitcom The Munsters that aired in syndication from October 8, 1988, to May 25, 1991, with 73 episodes produced, giving it more first-run episodes than the original series. This color revival starred John Schuck (Herman), Lee Meriwether (Lily), Howard Morton (Grandpa), Jason Marsden (Eddie) and Hilary Van Dyke (Marilyn). It was created following a failed attempt to revive the show with most of the original cast (Fred Gwynne, Al Lewis and Yvonne De Carlo) in the 1981 NBC TV Movie The Munsters' Revenge.

The unaired pilot below was written and produced by Lloyd J. Scwartz, bridging the gap between the 1966 series and the Munster family in 1988. Mary Ellen Dunbar starred as Marilyn in the pilot and was later replaced by Hilary Van Dyke in the series. Here is the pilot synopsis:

Grandpa creates "Sleeping Chambers," coffins which make the user fall asleep for a selected amount of time, and insists the entire family try them out. After Grandpa sets the dial for 30 minutes and shuts the door, a flash of light and a falling beam change the dial to "Forever." Twenty-two years later, a developer named Mr. Preston (Dave Madden) and his assistant want to buy the Munsters' home and turn it into a parking lot. While Mr. Preston and his assistant are exploring the house, down in Grandpa's lab, the assistant gets tangled in spider webs and knocks the dial to "off." The Munster family awakens to the world of 1988 and have to figure out a way to buy back their own house which is being foreclosed upon due to 22 years of missed taxed payments and fines.

The Munsters Today Unaired Pilot - Still The Munsters After All These Years:

Here is The Munsters Today 1988 Network Promo which is basically a condensed version of the pilot above:

Monday, October 4, 2021

1972 Rankin/Bass' Mad, Mad, Mad Monsters

Mad, Mad, Mad Monsters is a 1972 traditional animated 43min+ film produced by Rankin/Bass Productions in the United States and animated overseas by Mushi Production in Japan. It originally aired on September 23, 1972 as part of The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie and is a "prequel of sorts" to the 1967 stop motion animated film Mad Monster Party?

The animated comedy was released to DVD on July 12, 2011, along with another Rankin/Bass animated special called Jack O'Lantern (which I posted here), but is now out of print. Official DVD's are going for $50 to $100+ on ebay, but there is a bootleg DVD-R selling for $20 at Or you can watch below, here is the synopsis:

SYNOPSIS: After Baron Henry von Frankenstein creates a Bride for his Monster, he invites all of Universal's greatest classic monsters, including Count Dracula, his son Boobula, Ron Chanley the Werewolf, the Mummy, the Creature, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Claude the Invisible Man and his equally-invisible family, and a giant gorilla named Modzoola, to gather at the Transylvania Astoria Hotel for the monster and his bride's midnight wedding on Friday the 13th.

You can watch the full special at click here or watch below from YouTube.

Friday, October 1, 2021

1983 The Demon Murder Case

The Demon Murder Case is a Made-for-TV movie that originally aired March 6, 1983 on NBC. It's based on the real-life "Brookfield Demon Case" that took place in the early 1980s that was investigated by Paranormal experts Ed and Lorraine Warren. It was the first court case in the United State in which the defense sought to prove innocence based on the defendant's claim of demonic possession. The event also inspired the premise of the 2021 film The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, the third movie in the Conjuring franchise. Go watch that it's much better than this.

The character's names were changed to avoid having to pay the Warrens I guess idk. Andy Griffith plays the Ed Warren-type character named Guy Harris, and Beverlee McKinsey plays his psychic wife Charlotte Harris, aka Lorraine Warren. Kevin Bacon is the defendant in the bizarre case where he has been possessed to murder somebody else. Cloris Leachman appears as reporter Joan Greenway and Richard Masur (the Dad from Disney Halloween special's Mr. Boogedy and Bride of Boogedy) plays lawyer Anthony Marino. I don't recognize the rest of the actors in the film.

Here's the synopsis: A young boy is taken over by demons who force him to commit murder. The film lifts a few devil possession scenes from The Exorcist (1973) and directly copies the scene from Halloween (1978) where young Michael opens the drawer and takes out a knife in the Myers house kitchen (53:01 mark). The only Halloween related scene in the film (around 59:19 mark) is the Lorraine Warren character giving candy to Trick-or-Treating kids dressed as a princess, a ghost, and the final kid is a devil, ha. Watch below, it was uploaded by YouTube user Groovy Movies.

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