Friday, October 7, 2011

1955 Disney's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow with Intro

This version of Disney's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow was an episode of the "Disneyland" TV series that originally aired on October 26th, 1955 but this video was recorded from the Disney Channel in the early 90's. The cool things about this video is it begins with an animated history of the life of author Washington Irving and is hosted by Walt Disney himself. I remember this airing on the Disney Channel on Halloween night. I so wish this version was available on DVD. Part 1 below contains the history of Washington Irving and Parts 2 and 3 contain the first and second half of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow animated Disney special.

(Part 1) Walt Disney intros the history of Washington Irving... video by vhs_vcr

(Part 2) Walt Disney intros The Legend of Sleepy Hollow... video by vhs_vcr

(Part 3) The rest of Ichabod Crane and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow... video by vhs_vcr


  1. it is available on dvd. i have owned it since 2006. it's called "adventures of ichabod and mr toad", i believe. it also has "lonesome ghosts" on it. look for it at best buy. i see it there every year.

  2. It is a GREAT DVD, but it doesn't come with the animated Irving intro hosted by Disney.

  3. I use to have dis on vhs but i have no idea wat happened to it. Dis is one of dose short cartoon films dat never get old or boring as you grow up. Loved it den, love it now

  4. Wow thank you for many childhood memories.

  5. Is there a link I can use to download for offline viewing?

  6. This video is a gem. The American horror genre is associated with the bloodshed America was built on, and the guilt of aboriginal assimilation. The first part of the video suggests "the whole valley is under the curse of an old indian chief". And in the middle we have this amazing part where Irving is rubbing elbows with the upper echelons of European elite under his fake publishing name, and saying "the indian squaw (a racist term) wore mens hats, so we called it Manhattan". This may be one reason it is off the market.


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