Saturday, July 7, 2012

2004 CreepTales

CreepTales is a horror/comedy anthology flick that was filmed in the late 80's but wasn't released on DVD until 2004. In the span of 102 minutes, this film contains 6 stories plus an intro and surrounding story that is played with cheesy delight: On Halloween night, two hunchbacked ghouls steal a VHS copy of CreepTales from their dead uncle's grave. Then they throw a Halloween party for their mutant-looking friends and watch the tape's stories as we see them. In between each story, it cuts back to the ghoulish fiends laughing and enjoying soda, popcorn and pizza while watching the video.

The first story the ghouls watch is titled, Warped, and in my opinion it is the weakest. I's about a woman who finds out a sick family secret while visiting her aunt.

The second is called Snatcher, this one is my favorite! It's about a young man that goes around snatching purses all day and every day until he steals from the wrong old lady. The ending totally threw me off (ha ha). Find out for yourself! Cheesy fun!

Next comes a very short and amusing third story called The Closet. A young boy lies awake in bed on a stormy night afraid of something in his closet.

The fourth story is titled, Groovy Ghoulie Garage, Two friends find out the people of a town called Tower Springs take Halloween a little too seriously.

The fifth story is called Howling Nightmare and has, for a low-budget flick, a cool looking werewolf, real makeup effects which I prefer over today's CGI effects any day. The story involves hunters and a werewolf and an ending that is hilarious.

The sixth and last story is titled, Sucker, It's about a wife and husband and a Dirt Devil-type vacuum cleaner called, a sucker, that can magically remove all dirt and filth without needing to be charged or emptied out. They really go for the gross-out effects in this one. Love it!

You won't find anything groundbreaking in this film, just simple little somewhat amusing horror stories. I think the film makers were trying to make this like a Creepshow type movie or like an episode of Tales from the Crypt. It's definitely not as good as those examples but in my opinion it's just a fun movie that I enjoyed watching. There is no nudity, a little gore, and quite a lot of dark humor. Rated: PG.