Wednesday, August 1, 2012

1994 Spooky World

In this vhs video released in 1994, you'll be taken on a tour of the original SPOOKY WORLD, a Horror Theme Park described as the "Ultimate Halloween Experience." This is when it was still in it's original location, Berlin Massachusetts. Produced by Tom Savini and narrated by Friday The 13th's Kane "Jason" Hodder, you'll get a 23minute look at the amazing Halloween event that Spooky World used to be. The Haunted Hayride, Haunted Barn (aka Tom Savini's Haunted House), and a performance of the 1962 hit "Monster Mash" by the original artist Bobby "Boris" Pickett. It was real treat for any horror or Halloween fan. Now, It's not that good any more.

I'm from MA and I loved the original Spooky World. I remember my first trip there around the mid 90s. I got to go on the best hayride (to this day) I have ever experienced. The ride would stop to view these little vignettes like Leatherface with a chainsaw attacking a chick in a shower, or Jason jumping out the trunk of a parked car, or a weird scene from Troma's Toxic Avenger movies. Then we walked through the haunted houses which were very well organized.

I also got to see Elvira from a far on stage. I was about 20 feet away in a crowd of people and I smiled at her and she looked at me with a frightened expression on her face and looked away. Somehow that's funny to me, I unintentionally scared the "Mistress of the Dark." Seriously though, I guess that really means I got no chance, no chance in hell, but I had a great time the rest of the night.


  1. Spookyworld used to be so much fun, I've moved out of the area since it was shut down so can't vouch for the current versions of it in other states. But it really was the ultimate horror experience and progressed intensely before it was shut down.

    They hayride was fun and had some scares. Tom Savini's house was actually pretty tame but fun.

    They had this circus themed haunted house which is generally a staple at most parks, but this one was possibly the most disturbing I'd ever been in. Lots of misdirection and there was an awful Jack-in-the-box room that was unnerving. There was also this smoked up room where you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. It had evil clowns wandering around in it and it was difficult to find your way out. Remember two women crouched on the ground in crying hysterics and security actually pulling them out. You know there's no danger but the whole thing was so disorienting and to have clown actors screwing with you on top of that was unnerving.

    They also had two carnival dark rides set up that had actors in them. They would mess with you as your cart moved through the ride and it was super scary. They would also gently touch your face or neck and whisper something creepy was you passed then pop out at a certain point. That combined with the stunts was incredible.

    I've been to many haunted attractions and parks since then but nothing matches up to the last year of the Berlin, MA Spookyworld!

  2. I’d be a little strange too if I lived through a terrifying experience like that...maybe I’ll show up to your door next Halloween, just kidding...but I bet that scared you!

    1. I've had dreams about this film since I was shown it on VHS back in the 90s I just dreamt about it tonight and decided to search for it... can't believe my eyes I found it. When I think of Halloween I think of this film lol 🎃