Monday, June 13, 2011

1964 The Woody Woodpecker Show - Spook-a-Nanny

A rarely seen 1964 episode of The Woody Woodpecker Show was a 23 minute Halloween special titled "Halloween Party." Walter Lantz, the creator of the show and all the characters featured, hosts the special that mixes live action along with an animated Woody. As they prepare to throw a Halloween party they introduce 3 animated shorts.

The first two animated shorts shown were not Halloween related, titled "Under the Counter Spy" which stars the Bat followed by the Andy Panda short "Playful Pelican." The third animated short is called "Spook-a-Nanny" and has Woody and his friends celebrating Halloween as they sing the Spook-A-Nanny song. It contains almost all of Lantz's characters in one place. The video below contains the special minus The Bat and Andy Panda shorts:


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