Saturday, June 18, 2011

1986 & 2004 The Berenstain Bears - Halloween

Here we have 2 Halloween themed shorts from The Berenstain Bears cartoon series.

The first short is from 1986 and its called The Spookiest Pumpkin. Papa is ambitious to win a pumpkin carving contest and Brother and Sister are also joining in. Papa is extremely secretive with his own pumpkin and guards it closely. Papa then has nightmares and he chooses to miss out on the contest.

The Spookiest Pumpkin:

The second short is from 2004 and its titled Trick or Treat. On Halloween night, the cubs try to avoid Widder Jones's house, because Brother has heard rumors about her being a witch. As the cubs go trick-or-treating, they're afraid to get near her house for fear she'll turn them into statues. When the cubs realize Witter Jones is a nice lady, she and the cubs decide to play a trick on Too Tall and his gang (who give the cubs more rumors) by playing a trick on them.

Trick or Treat Part 1:

Trick or Treat Part 2:

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