Monday, October 24, 2016

1985 CBS Storybreak - Witch-Cat

Another video by Youtube user GottaLovePlus. I wrote about CBS Storybreak in the 1987 CBS Storybreak - The Monster's Ring video I posted earlier this month. And like that video GottaLovePlus also custom made this video with added commercials and logos made to look like an actual TV station.

Based on the book written by Joan Carris...Witch-Cat is about a down-to-earth girl who discovers she's a witch through the efforts of a magical cat. Originally aired Saturday 11:00 AM Sep 21, 1985 on CBS, but this video was taped on WCBS-TV in 1994 with Closed Captions.

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  1. I'm still looking for these 4 missing episodes from the CBS Storybreak Series. The Great Ringtail Garbage Caper, The Pig Plantagenet, Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy and the Camel with the Wrinkled Knees, and What Happened in Hamelin.

    Is there anyway you can find them and upload?