Monday, October 3, 2016

1987 CBS Storybreak - The Monster's Ring

CBS Storybreak was a Saturday morning anthology television series produced by Australia's Southern Star Entertainment and America's Hanna-Barbera Productions that originally aired on the CBS network. The episodes were half-hour animated adaptations of children's books published at the time of airing. The 1985–1986 season was hosted by Captain Kangaroo himself Bob Keeshan and was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program. It continued in reruns until 1988 and returned to air in reruns (with Malcolm Jamal-Warner replacing Keeshan as host) from the 1993–94 season to 1997–98 season. Though neither Keeshan nor Jamal-Warner appear in the video below.

The Monster's Ring episode is based on the book written by Bruce Coville...Russell is sure that the ring is just a silly magic trick, but he follows the instructions and twists the ring twice anyway — and becomes a monster! This was taped on WCBS-TV in 1993. Unique for an American television series, the series featured open captions by The Caption Center for the hearing impaired during its 1993 reairing, instead of the usual closed captioning. In addition to being a convenience for the hearing-impaired, this also allowed those who could hear to read along with the story.

This video was custom made by Youtube user GottaLovePlus with added commercials and logos made to look like an actual TV station.

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