Wednesday, October 12, 2016

2011 The Dreadful Hallowgreen Special

Count Gore De Vol started hosting horror movies beginning with WDXR in Paducah, Kentucky in 1971 continuing on WDCA in Washington DC from 1973 to 1987 and then becoming the first horror host on the Internet in 1998. Dr. Gangrene is an award-winning television horror host based in the Middle Tennessee area, played by actor/writer Larry Underwood. Penny Dreadful XIII and sidekick Garouis are television horror hosts based in New England. Penny is portrayed by actress, writer, and comedian Danielle Gelehrter. Garouis was portrayed by Magoo Gelehrter, who died in May 2014 following a battle with cancer.

Watch Count Gore De Vol introduce himself introducing The Dreadful Hallowgreen Special, a made-for-TV movie where the gregarious mad scientist Dr. Gangrene and the fetching witch Penny Dreadful along with her werewolf husband Garouis join forces to save Halloween from a terrible fate. The special was nominated for a regional Midsouth Emmy Award in 2011. It's available to buy on DVD or you can watch the video below:

The Dreadful Hallowgreen Special from Gore De Vol on Vimeo.

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