Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1977 Donny & Marie Osmond - Halloween skits

Here are some crazy cheesy clips from the Halloween episode of Donny & Marie's variety show that originally aired October 28, 1977, plus other Halloween-related skits from 1976 and 1980. I love Halloween so much that I'd watch any show that mentions or is related to Halloween, even if it's Donnie & Marie.

Spooky Opening with the introduction of the special guests Billy Crystal, Shirley Hemphill, Kristy McNichol and Ben Vereen:

Concert Spot - Mustache Disguises with Kristy McNichol:

Trick Or Treat Skit - Donny and Kristy McNichol go trick or treating and meet Billy Crystal & Shirley Hemphill:

It Takes Two segment with a spoof of Alfred Hitchcock's movie "the Birds" starring Big Bird and a skit with Frankenstein's Monster and his Bride:

Donny as Dracula, Marie as his Vampire sister?, Michael Landon as a werewolf, Don Knotts as Dr. Frankenstein with his monster and Billy Barty as Igor. Monster Mash song. This is not from the Halloween episode but it's related to Halloween. Originally aired 4/30/1976:

Another Halloween-related clip with Marie Osmond & Jeff Conaway in a Werewolf Skit from The Marie Show that originally aired 12/12/1980:

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