Sunday, October 28, 2012

1998 The Worst Witch - A Mean Halloween

This is not the 1986 movie starring Tim Curry and Fairuza Balk. This is a TV series that is more like the Jill Murphy books, broken up in episodes. It ran for three seasons from 1998 to 2001 and originally aired in UK and Canada and later in other countries as well. Many say it's the girl version of Harry Potter. A second series called the New Worst Witch was produced from 2005-2006 which carries on from this series. I posted the Halloween episode of this second series last year which you can find here.

In this episode titled A Mean Hallowe'en, the Chief Wizard has been invited to attend the school's Hallowe'en celebration and Mildred is thrilled to have been chosen to lead the traditional first-year flying display. However, Ethel Hallow is still furious that Mildred turned her into a pig earlier on and vows revenge. This was a delightful series with beautiful sets and outdoor scenes and a wonderful cast, great for children and people young at heart. You watch other episodes on youtube by clicking here.

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