Tuesday, October 23, 2012

1991 Miss Switch Mystery Special

Strand Video Entertainment released the following two specials in 1991 on one VHS tape titled Miss Switch Mystery Special. This is a recreation of that vhs video.

The first animated special is called The Trouble With Miss Switch which premiered in 1980 and re-aired numerous times on TV as an episode of the "ABC Weekend Special." It's about two students, Amelia and Rupert, who find out that their substitute teacher, Miss Switch, is a real life Witch. When an evil witch named Saturna takes over the coven of witches and tries to destroy Miss Switch, the teacher and her magical talking cat, Bathsheba, ask for the children's help to stop her. Due to this special's immense popularity, a sequel cartoon titled Miss Switch to the Rescue was made soon after. The sequel can be found below this video.

1980 The Trouble With Miss Switch:

1982's Miss Switch to the Rescue is the follow-up to 1980s The Trouble With Miss Switch. Miss Switch is back for another adventure. School isn't the same for students Rupert Brown and Amelia Daley without Miss Switch, their incredible broomstick-riding, spell-casting former teacher! But, when Amelia is kidnapped by Mordo the warlock, Miss Switch the witch returns in the guise of a substitute teacher to help Rupert rescue his friend and classmate.

1982 Miss Switch to the Rescue:

Both stories are fun and the animation style reminds me of "The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries" animation from the eighties, which I always liked and was the typical animation style of that time. Both specials are something you can let your kids watch without hesitation.

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