Thursday, October 4, 2012

1990s Elvira, Rick Dees and Halloween

Rick Dees interviews Elvira in this Halloween episode of a short-lived late night television talk show called Into the Night. Rick Dees hosted from 1990 to 1991 but he was replaced by a new celebrity guest host every week by the end of 1991. Some of the guest hosts included Joy Behar, Richard Belzer, Tony Danza, Suzanne Sommers and Brad Garrett. With new hosts, the show was also reformatted from a largely interview based program, to a sketch comedy show called STUDIO 59. But due to abysmal ratings the show was canceled soon after.

In this second video from Halloween 1997, Rick Dees incorrectly introduces Elvira as the Mistress of the Night (it's Dark) and she performs a spoof of the "Sweet Transvestite" song from "Rocky Horror Picture Show" called "Sweet Elvira" live from Knotts Scary Farms.


  1. Love retro stuff like this, thanks for posting!

    1. Your welcome, Caffeinated Joe. I love watching these old videos too. I wish the original uploader of the video recorded the whole 25 or 45 minute show instead of just the 14 minute Elvira interview. But it's still good.


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