Friday, October 12, 2012

2000s Real Scary Stories - Scary...But True

Real Scary Stories was fantastic paranormal show that debuted on FOX Family channel in the early 2000's and aired during the "13 Nights of Halloween" programming block. It was about real kids telling real scary ghost stories and also featured kids investigating locations across the country that are reported to be haunted. The show was canceled soon after the FOX Family channel switched owners and became the ABC Family channel. SYFY channel aired reruns of the show a few years ago, but they renamed the show to Scary...But True and only a couple episodes were shown. I have wanted this program to return to air for the past 10+ years. I remember watching on Saturday mornings on FOX Family. I'm not sure how many episodes were made but here are 4 episodes that were recorded off of ABC Family in 2002:

Agnes in the Wall, Room 347, Bodie's Curse:

The Lady in Gray & The Deacon:

Danny's Bed, Haunted Home Video, Green Man Tunnel

Part 1 Gurdon's Light & Condie's Ghost:

Part 2 Condie's Ghost:

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