Monday, October 26, 2015

1989 George's Island

George's Island is a 1989 Canadian family adventure film that was shot in and around Halifax, Nova Scotia. Never officially released to DVD in the US, but you can find the film on VHS, laserdisc and on a Polish Region All DVD at Amazon and eBay. A screening copy, taken from an old VHS, of the full film is on Youtube. More about the film's plot below.

It's a tale about 10-year-old George who lives with his old eccentric sea captain Grandfather and loves the eerie mysteries of the local pirate legends. When George's meddlesome schoolteacher forces him into a foster home, he escapes on Halloween with the help of his Grandfather who takes him to George's Island, once known as Oak Island where Captain Kidd buried his treasure and was killed. On the island, the legend comes to life.

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