Friday, October 16, 2015

1999 The Fear Halloween Night

Twenty years after witnessing his father brutally murder his mother and then take his own life, Mike Hawthorne (Gordon Currie) still suffers from the fear of that day. In hopes of ridding his fear, Mike invites his girlfriend Peg (Stacy Grant) and his best friends Chris (Myc Agnew), Jennifer (Emmanuelle Vaugier), Lisa Ann (Kelly Benson), Ned (Brendon Beiser), Mitch Maldive (Phillip Rhys) and Trish (Rachel Hayward) to spend Halloween in the country at his grandparents (Betsy Palmer and Larry Pennell) farm. His plan is for everyone to dress up in costumes that represent their fears, and then present the fears to the wooden mannequin Morty (Jon Fedele). According to an Indian friend Crow (Byron Chief Moon), this process is supposed to magically take away one's fear. What Mike doesn't know is that Morty is possessed with his father's spirit, and begins killing off his friends...or is it really Mike himself doing the killings?

The opening scene involving the ax murder on Halloween was good, and Betsy Palmer (Mrs. Voorhees from the original Friday THE 13TH) is delightful as the grandmother but other than that this is a confusing and pointless slasher flick that's full of dull and senseless dialogue that ends with mediocre kills and horrible one liners delivered by Morty. Rated R for horror violence, language and a scene of sexuality.

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