Friday, October 2, 2015

2014 Cinema Insomnia - A Very VHS Halloween

Cinema Insomnia is a nationally syndicated late night television series that has been mesmerizing, mystifying, and tickling slumber parties and obsessed loners all over the planet. A delightful twist on the Classic Creature Feature host format featuring weird movies, strange clips, drive-in snack bar ads, toy commercials, vintage ads, interviews, music videos, parodies, satirical commentary and unique humor presented by horror host Mr. Lobo. Beyond Elvira, after Mystery Science Theater, and unlike any late night show on the planet, Mr. Lobo proves that "They're not bad movies--just misunderstood."

In Cinema Insomnia's 2014 Halloween special called "A Very VHS Halloween", Mr. Lobo along with Ro-Mana watch old vhs tapes containing movie trailers, footage from 2004's and 2005's WonderCon, clips from Elvira's MTV Halloween Special, a short message from Mr. Rogers, comedy bits, Halloween commercials and a music video.

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