Monday, October 5, 2015

1996 Frankenstein and Me

Frankenstein and Me is a 1996 family fantasy film with many homages and characters from classic Universal monster movies including Frankenstein's Monster, The Wolf Man, Brides of Dracula and more. Never released to DVD and hard to find or too expensive to buy on VHS. The fan edit video below contains the full film with 1990s Disney Channel commercials edited in.

Synopsis: Earl Williams (Jamieson Boulanger) is a daydreamer who fantasizes about the classic Universal monster films. Although he is an excellent student, his intolerant and nasty school teacher Mrs. Perdue (Louise Fletcher) does not like him and punishes him for any minor fault. His supportive father Les Williams (Burt Reynolds) is also a daydreamer, who has never been successful in life.

Shortly after Halloween, Earl and his friends Kenny (Ryan Gosling in his first feature film role) and Karen (Rebecca Henderson) visit a traveling carnival which is said to have the "real Frankenstein monster." The monster is lost as the carnies leaves town, Earl decides to hide it and try to bring it back to life on a dark stormy night.

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