Tuesday, October 13, 2015

2001 The Nightmare Room - Full Moon Halloween

The Nightmare Room is an American children's anthology horror series that aired on Kids' WB. The series was based on the short-lived book series The Nightmare Room children's books created by Goosebumps author, R.L. Stine. The Nightmare Room originally aired from August 31, 2001, to March 16, 2002, in the United States. It was rated TV-Y7 for fantasy violence (FV) and scenes deemed too scary or disturbing for younger viewers in the United States.

"Full Moon Halloween" is the seventh episode of 13 made and aired on October 27, 2001, it's about a group of teenagers who grow suspicious of one another when a werewolf is heard to be on the loose in their town. On August 20, 2002, 8 episodes were released on 2 DVD volumes. 5 episodes remain unreleased. Watch more episodes at this Youtube Playlist.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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