Wednesday, October 10, 2018

1990 The Ghost Writer with Anthony Perkins

The Ghost Writer was a tv pilot that starred Anthony Perkins and originally aired on Fox August 8, 1990. Perkins contacted Alan Spencer, the creator of Sledge Hammer!, about creating and writing a horror/comedy show for the actor. What resulted was a cheesy, campy and just plain great pilot. It also received a favorable response and the live audience taping was memorable. It's a shame it wasn't picked up, it could have been a new Addams Family.

Sadly, Perkins died in 1992, so the show might not have lasted too long as it is. This version features some unaired footage. A RARE treat for Anthony Perkins fans. Here's the synopsis: Blocked novelist Anthony Strack is desperate enough to plot suicide. Before he completes the deed, he is visited by unearthly beings, whose presence helps him to write again.

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  1. I saw this when it aired. For years I never knew what it was, but I always remembered Anthony Perkins.