Tuesday, October 2, 2018

1995 Here Come the Munsters

Here Come the Munsters is a tv movie that aired on the Fox Tuesday Night Movie on October 31, 1995. Here is the synopsis: Herman Munster (Edward Herrmann) and his wife Lily (Veronica Hamel) learn that they are no longer welcome in Transylvania, so they relocate to California with their children Eddie (Mathew Botuchis) and Marilyn (Christine Taylor), as well as Grandpa (Robert Morse). The Munsters try to adjust to their new life in laid-back, sunny Los Angeles.

A worthy followup, but not as good as the original series, of course NOTHING will be. Funny, entertaining, clever, and well acted, with a few changes of the original features in the TV sitcom. I loved 3 scenes, the black and white opening scene in Transylvania definitely a tribute to the series and old horror films, Eddie actually changing into a werewolf on a full moon (which was never portrayed in the original series), and Lilly biting someone on the neck. Keep an eye peeled for the fun scene in the restaurant where four of the original Munsters surviving cast members Yvonne De Carlo, Al Lewis, Butch Patrick, Pat Priest make a cameo appearance.

I you can't see the video below, watch at https://ok.ru/video/731727923807:

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  1. Seems like it is time for a new, rebooted Munsters TV show - or feature film!