Monday, October 1, 2018

1985 A Pumpkin Full of Nonsense

The Adventures of the Scrabble People in A Pumpkin Full of Nonsense is an animated television special that first aired in syndication on October 31, 1985, and was re-run in August 1986. It was produced and directed by Alvaro Arce, and co-directed by Jaime Diaz and made at Jaime Diaz Studios in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The special was financed and developed by Selchow and Righter, the owners of the Scrabble board game at that time. It also showcased, and was based on, the company's Scrabble People property, which was introduced in 1984 and created by the designers of Coleco's Cabbage Patch Kids.

In the special, Sir Scrabble and two children are going to a Halloween party but end up falling down a giant pumpkin where they travel to a lost land called Nonsense where education has been forbidden and people are deprived the ability to read. Sir Scrabble teams up with the residents to defeat an evil ruler, the Muddler, through the power of learning and spelling. Released on VHS and Beta July 16, 1986 by Vestron Video through its Children's Video Library label.


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