Monday, October 15, 2018

1994 Nilus the Sandman: Monsters in the Closet

Nilus the Sandman: Monsters in the Closet is a Canadian part-animated and part-live-action Halloween special which premiered on the CTV Television Network in Canada on October 27, 1994. The Halloween special was preceded by a Christmas special called The Boy Who Dreamed Christmas which premiered on December 1, 1991 then followed up by a back-to-school special, The First Day, on September 3, 1995. A Nilus the Sandman TV series was produced a year later and aired a total of 26 episodes over two seasons on The Family Channel from October 5, 1996 to November 23, 1998.

The scenes at the beginning and the end of each episode and the 3 specials are live action shot in Vancouver, British Columbia and feature an animated Sandman, named Nilus (voiced by Long John Baldry), who helps children with day-to-day difficulties through helping them achieve happier dreams. While the children sleep he sneaks in and takes sand out of his pocket and flicks it into the air, which leads the children into their dreams that are animated as well. The ending is missing in the video below. It would've shown the mother coming back in the room, waking the kid up and he tells her about the dream.

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  1. I've looked for this movie I've had on VHS as a kid for days and days, when I finally stumbled on it by wikipedia. Thanks for adding this, really broguht me back.