Monday, October 22, 2018

1993 USA Cartoon Express's Monster Bash

Monster Bash is a series of 30-second animated shorts created in 1993 involving a series of ghosts and ghouls, that resemble the classic Universal movie monsters, running a hotel in a castle. A precursor to Hotel Transylvania. The segments were produced for the USA Cartoon Express, a programming block of animated cartoons which aired on cable TV's USA Network from September 21, 1982 to September 15, 1996.

The shorts aired at the end of a commercial break shortly before resuming the feature cartoon, it was sometimes more interesting than the cartoon you were watching. This unofficial 8 minute compilation video features 16 shorts. The skeleton Bell-hop sounds like he was voiced by Jim Cummings.....And now back to Cartoon Express, but first, MONSTER BASH!

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