Tuesday, October 22, 2013

1965-1969 The Beatles Meet Frankenstein and Dracula in Transylvania

From Wikipedia: This American animated television series features the fanciful and musical misadventures of the popular English rock band The Beatles. The series debuted on ABC on September 25, 1965 and ended on September 7, 1969 but only 1965 to 1967 was first run; later transmissions were reruns. A total of 39 episodes were produced. Each episode has a name of a Beatles song, so the story is based on its lyrics and it is also played at some time in the episode.

If I Fell is the second half of episode 2: John is kidnapped by a mad scientist's assistant named Igor. The mad scientist, Dr. Dora Florahyde, wants to bring to life a Frankenstein type monster and make it a rock star. All she needs is the brain of a beetle (hence the kidnapping of John, the "brain of the Beatles"). John and the monster's brains are switched, and the singing monster is mobbed by a herd of female fans. Originally aired October 2, 1965.

The Beatles - If I Fell:

Misery is the second half of episode 5: The Beatles are off to the wax museum to see themselves in wax. The get lost in the museum and the Count Dracula wax statue comes to life, and proceeds to give chase. The Beatles end up having to melt their wax doubles to save the day. Originally aired October 23, 1965.

The Beatles - Misery:

A Hard Day's Night is the first half of episode 1: When the studio gets too crowded, The Beatles can't rehearse with too many people hanging around, so they rent a mansion that is (unknown to the Fab Four) haunted with ghosts and monsters. The Beatles' music is enough to awaken the dead as they go off to rehearse in the Transylvanian castle. Originally aired September 25, 1965.

The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night:

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  1. Fun post. I was just counting down the scariest Saturday Morning Cartoons of 1966 on my blog. and had the Beatles cartoon as number 1. The number of times they put the Beatles in haunted houses and other horror situations is kind of crazy, and not really in the spirit of the Beatles' music at all. Still fun to watch, though.