Wednesday, October 9, 2013

1988 Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Rabbit Ears)

Rabbit Ears is a production company that created audio stories in the 1980's for the radio, using famous actors to do narration. They were high quality productions, featuring classic stories, and folk tales. Later they produced the stories on a combined package of an audio cassette and a book. Finally they decided to merge the books with the audio into a video.

This version of Sleepy Hollow is narrated by Glenn Close with stunning still illustrations by Robert Van Nutt and is set to outstanding music by Tim Story. This actually got the true version of the original tale down to the last scene. Unlike the Disney version, the Headless Horseman in this adaption does not carry a sword. But still very enjoyable for kids and adults as well.

Watch at if the video does not show below:


  1. Awesome post!! I loved this special and Glenn Close was awesome at narrating this story!!! Have you seen any other Rabbit Ears stories?

  2. It was fun seeing this even with adult eyes. It reminded me of my youth. This was the sort of thing one would see in the 70's at a public school classroom or auditorium.