Friday, October 11, 2013

1997 Perversions of Science: Panic

Perversions of Science was a sci-fi/horror anthology series that ran on HBO for one season in 1997. Much like Tales From the Crypt but hosted by an oversexed android named Chrome. The stories were taken from EC Comics series of comic books called Weird Science, a title that couldn't be used for this show because of the film and series also called Weird Science. Most episodes focused on science fiction themes such as alien invasion or space/time travel.

Panic was the 7th episode out of 10 made. It opens at a Halloween costume party and tells the story of the panic caused by the Orson Welles Mercury Theatre production of The War of the Worlds. As of 2013 the full series has not received a DVD release in the US, but was released in Japan on Region 2 NTSC DVD where it has since gone out of print and is a rare find for collectors.

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  1. Watched the whole episode. It was fun in a Tales from the Darkside kind of way. Never heard of this show before. Guess it was because we didn't have HBO at that time. Pretty cool, though. I'd watch the other episodes. Thanks for sharing it!