Tuesday, October 8, 2013

1982 and 1983 Count Scary's Halloween Party

Here are 2 videos featuring Detroit's horror film host Count Scary played by the great Tom Ryan.

The first video is called Count Scary's Halloween Party and originally aired in 1982. The movie is "Dracula" which has been edited out. The Count intros the movie then shows a segment called "How I Spent My Last Halloween" where he goes trick or treating, rides in the Scary Mobile and gets in trouble with a bar of soap. Then the Count gets his pants scared off and talks on the phone with Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter. In a second segment, cool guy vampire, Val Scary makes an appearance in a Lacoste designer cape. Ends with Count Scary running for Governor in a political commercial.

1982 Count Scary's Halloween Party:

This second video is from the following year and is called Count Scary's Halloween Too Party. The Scary Mobile breaks down and the Count is late arriving to the studio. The featured movie "Dracula vs. Frankenstein" required you to wear 34 pairs of pants, Count Scary's way of rating movies.

1983 Count Scary's Halloween Too Party:

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