Wednesday, October 2, 2013

1991 Scary Movie

This is NOT the 2000 horror comedy spoof film with the same name, this is a low-budget horror movie that was made in 1991. Few people have seen it because it never opened nationally, and was only shown in one local theater in the Austin, Texas area where it was filmed.

The story centers around Warren a nerdy paranoid young man who reluctantly goes on a double date with his friend Brad, a jock-type character, and his girlfriend Shelley to the neighborhood House of Horrors attraction on Halloween. While waiting in line Warren meets and gets to know his blind date Barbara, but he soon becomes uncomfortable as he gradually comes to believe an escaped lunatic may be hiding inside. When he finally enters he must battle his demons.

This is a pretty tame horror film, there was little to no gore, no nudity and I believe no bad language but the suspense and dark humor makes it very entertaining and I enjoyed watching. I especially liked the Halloween feel of the film. Like the props and pumpkins inside of the House of Horrors, the outside was painted with skeletons in a graveyard and the people waiting in line are wearing Halloween costumes.

Finally released to blu-ray by AGFA on October 15, 2019. The video below is a vhsrip of the film or you watch a higher quality rip at TubiTV.

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  1. Weird, I have never even heard of this movie! Might need to come back here and check it out.