Tuesday, October 1, 2013

1973 The Mini-Munsters

The Mini-Munsters was an episode of The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie that originally aired in the 1970's as an hour-long special, but the video below is the shorter, half-hour version that later aired in the 1980's. This rare pilot was intended to be an animated spin-off of the 1964-66 CBS sitcom The Munsters but was not picked-up and I can see why. This isn't really a Halloween special but it did premiere on television on October 27, 1973. Al Lewis was the only actor of the original series to return and provide the voice of Grandpa.

Episode Summary from TV.com:
The Munsters learn that their hearse-dragster doesn't run on gas, but music.

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  1. May the gods save us from Mini Munsters. How much lamer does it get than this? And the animation is really lazy.