Friday, October 18, 2013

1989 The Search For Haunted Hollywood

A 1989 Halloween Special hosted by John Davidson that informs viewers of legendary hauntings in Hollywood and its studio backlots. Includes ghost stories told by the stars, the Hollywood starlet who jumped off the infamous Hollywood sign and is known to still be haunting the hills, constant sightings of Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Cliff in the hallways of the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, the haunted earthly home of cowboy star Tom Mix and the haunted dressing room of golden girl Mary Pickford, ghostbuster Nonie Fagatt joins ghost hunter Richard Senate, and electronics experts Daniel Hobbit and Barry Taff to attempt a seek and destroy mission on a ghost. Also featured are actor/comedian Jack Carter, actor/comedian Norm Crosby, paranormal professional Hans Holzer, Patrick MacNee (John Steed of television's The Avengers), mentalist/magician Max Maven, and Harry Blackstone the magician.

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  1. Looks quite interesting so I added it to my Watch Later list! Thanks for the heads up!