Tuesday, October 31, 2017

1980s-1990s Classic Disney Channel Halloween Cartoons and Shows

This is a recreation of a block of programming that contains cartoons, shows, specials, bumpers and commercials as they originally aired on the classic Disney Channel during Halloween in the 1980's and early 1990's. Videos created by YouTube user TheJCEngland.

TheJCEngland's Description: After A Few Months, I Finally Finished My Halloween Compilation Of The Old Disney Channel. Attempted To Make The Video Look Like The Old Classic Disney Channel Back When The Disney Channel Was Perfect. It Was Gonna Be 1 Whole 4 Hour Video, But Had To Edit It A Few Times & Cut Into 4 Parts. Hope You Enjoy It. Happy Halloween!

Part 1, Countdown Begins, A Haunted Halloween short, Coming Up Next bumper, A Disney Moment: The Skeleton Dance short, Kids Inc.: Halloween Safety Tips, Disney Channel Halloween Promo and Good Morning, Mickey! (had more on this to make 1 full episode, but had to edit it due to copyright):

Part 2 contains, Coming Up Next bumper, Disney Channel Halloween Line-Up promo, Donald Duck Presents promo, Happy Halloween promo, Welcome To Pooh Corner (borrowed from Pooh Rarities), Coming Up Next bumper, Drawings & Artwork, Donald Duck Presents, Coming Up Next bumper, A Disney Halloween promo, Happy Halloween promo, and partial episode of Dumbo's Circus:

Part 3, Coming Up Next bumper, The Halloween That Almost Wasn't promo, Read, Write And Draw w/ Vincent Price, Happy Halloween promo, The Disney Channel Tonight, and A Disney Halloween (edited shorter due to copyright):

Part 4 Finale, Coming Up Next bumper, The Halloween That Almost Wasn't, Coming Up Next bumper, Halloween Is Grinch Night, and Disney Night Time:


  1. Amazing - Thanks for all the hard work putting these together. Like little time capsules. Happy Halloween!

    1. Thanks for checking out the posts this year Joe. Happy Halloween! :)

  2. The Disney Channel Halloween Specials always been my all-time favorites since my childhood.