Friday, October 27, 2017

1976 Kenny & Co.

Kenny & Company is a 1976 American comedy-drama film directed by Don Coscarelli, who also made the Phantasm series of horror films. It stars A. Michael Baldwin and Reggie Bannister (who would later star in Phantasm and sequels), Dan McCann as Kenny A., Jeff Roth as Sherman, Ralph Richmond as Big Doug, and Clay Foster as Mr. Brink.

Several days in the life of Kenny, a typical 12-year-old, and his friends. Kenny goes through all the activities that most of us went through as kids as he and his friends prepare for Halloween. Along the way, Kenny deals with such childhood issues as bullies and his first crush on a girl. Like most of the other videos I posted this year, this film is on DVD but because it's out of print, it costs more than it's worth. It's currently for sale on Amazon for $150 and up.

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