Monday, October 9, 2017

1999 Little Witch

Little Witch is a 1999 unsold TV pilot that never made it to series. 10 year old Liddy, otherwise known as Little Witch, is a unique sorceress who simply wants to make friends and live a relatively normal life. Instead of cracking mirrors, she cleans away cobwebs. Instead of scaring little kids, she invites them home to play. She says “please” & “thank you”. Little Witch is the kind of good witch that gives a bad name to bad witches! Unfortunately, Little Witch's mother and three aunts do not share her views. Based on the books by Deborah Hautzig, Little Witch revolves around the premise that it's okay to be different.

This animated special combines the 2 books Little Witch's Big Night: Forced to stay at home on Halloween because she's been too good, Little Witch gives three trick-or-treaters high-flying broomstick rides, and Happy Birthday, Little Witch: Remembering how much fun she had with the three trick-or-treaters who came by on Halloween night, Little Witch grabs her bat and her cat and sets off to search for them, but finding the trio of friends she wants at her birthday party takes more than magic spells. Overall a good short movie for kids ages 4 to 8. Released on both VHS and DVD in 1999.

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