Tuesday, October 10, 2017

2000-2002 MTV's Fear

Fear is a paranormal reality TV series/game show that originally aired from 2000 to 2002 on MTV. The program follows a group of five or more teenagers or twenty-somethings contestants being left at an undisclosed and allegedly haunted location. Once there they would be assigned a series of "dares" to be accomplished as they moved towards a cash reward. If they fail, they are eliminated.

This show was absolutely terrific, real people, real scares, real ghosts and real screams not only from the women, but grown, adult men as well! Each participant wore a helmet that filmed both what they were viewing and their reaction to it. The atmospheric lighting and camera work made the locations seemed even spookier than they already were.

The series only ran for two seasons and was cancelled not due to a lack of interest (the show was the second most popular on MTV at the time of its cancellation), but due to the high cost of producing each episode. All 16 episodes of MTV's Fear are in the Youtube Playlist below:

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