Monday, October 23, 2017

2004 Lil Creepers

Lil Creepers is a 21 minute animated special with 2 short segments. The first is called 'Tricks or Tricks' which follows Sam and Melly as they go trick or treating with their new friends, only to be terrorized by the local bully, a zombie named Eddie. In the second short 'Bela's Bash', the gang celebrates Bela's birthday at his Transylvania-style mansion with morbid games like Pin the Tail on the Ogre. Eddie the Zombie tries once again to ruin the Lil Creepers' fun, but he gets a taste of his own evil medicine instead.

I'll describe this as a combination of Rugrats mixed with the Classic Universal Monsters but with bad animation. The stories are uncomfortably slow at times and not very funny as well, but let's remember that it's made for children who really don't care what they watch. I would recommend this to anyone with kids from 1-6. Released to DVD and VHS in 2004.


  1. Maybe I will save and watch with my granddaughters. One of them isn't into the scary, even spooky, aspects of Halloween. But the other is very curious. She just decided that instead of the Little Mermaid, she wants to be a scary Mermaid Witch. I like it. ;)

  2. Found this at a yard sale as akis and loved it, yes the animation and pacing could be better, but the story a whole is what got me. A human family moving into a town of monsters. I still think it's an awesome idea.